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the Gentle Women’s Uprising

– the speaker series for Gentle Women who want to be powerful, playful, and paid well!


It’s a harsh world out there. But continuing to play it safe is hazardous to your health, wealth, and well being!

Are you frustrated, heartsick, and tired of letting fears and obstacles stop you from living the life you want?

Are you ready to do things differently?

Join the Uprising! Rise up and share your gifts with those who need YOU!
(you know it’s time!)

Are you ready to move from being nice, but not noticed to being powerful, playful, and paid well?
Join us for the Gentle Women’s Uprising Speaker Series!
February 2013!


Join us in February for this transformation!

When you’re playing small, trying not to rock the boat, trying to make sure everything and everyone around you is safe and comfortable, you’re not using ALL the gifts God’s given you! You’re not experiencing the JOY of being unabashedly, authentically you! You wind up living an imitation vanilla kind of life.imitation vanilla

You’ve gone too long bowing to your fears and obstacles that keep you from shining the Light you carry! It’s time to revolt against the shame, fear, and limiting beliefs that have kept you (US!) small and feeling unworthy and weak. We will move from being ‘nice’ but not noticed to being passionate and powerful, playful and paid well – in other words, honoring ourselves!

*All calls will be at 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern. If you can’t make the call live, don’t worry! You’ll receive access to the recording!

  • Mondays, February 4th, 11th, 18th & 25th
  • Tuesdays, February 5th, 12th, 19th & 26th
  • Wednesdays, February 6th, 13th, 20th & 27th

Is the Gentle Women’s Uprising for me?

Everyone’s welcome to join the Uprising, but you definitely belong if :

1) you already know you’re gentle and tenderhearted (see the list below) or
2) you cringe at the word ‘gentle’ – I mean, really, who in their right mind wants to be seen as gentle?? (but, darn! a lot of these qualities fit!)

  • You’re deeply sensitive (you’ve probably been told ‘you’re too sensitive’)
  • You tend to be drawn to spiritual pursuits, particularly the mystical
  • You are likely soft-spoken or quiet, but not necessarily shy
  • You have the traits of a healer
  • You carry the Divine Qualities of gentleness, patience, and healing
  • You are a natural nurturer
  • You are recognized as soft-hearted or big-hearted
  • You’re idealistic…some might say naive
  • Often, you dream of living in simpler times
  • You recognize you have a calling – a big one – and that freaks you out
  • You’ve had to develop a ‘thick skin’ to get by

As that second type of gentle woman, you learned early that gentleness didn’t get a lot of respect, so you took a different route:

  • You hate feeling or being perceived as weak, so you’ve developed an extra tough skin and downplay those gentler gifts
  • You’ve been ‘one tough broad’ and that worked…except in the deep recesses of your heart
  • Deep down, you are longing to let your gentler gifts shine - because it’s time


The Gentle Women’s Uprising Speaker Series is dedicated to helping women move from being NICE, but not noticed to being POWERFUL in a new way, PASSIONATE, and PAID WELL. This uprising shows the world we are serious about using our gentle strength to impact the world in a positive way!

Our Heart Centered Success Panel

Amethyst Wyldfyre
Wednesday, Feb 13
Mark Silver
Wednesday, Feb 20
Nora Clemens
Monday, Feb 25
Amethyst Wyldfyre Mark Silver Nora Clemens
Sharon Desjarlais
Tuesday, Feb 12
Lisa Bloom
Monday, Feb 18
Kendra E. Thornbury
Tuesday, Feb 26

2 Sharon Desjarlais Low-Res-350x415 Lisa Bloom kendra professional goddess
Harriet Tubman Wright
Tuesday, Feb 19
Kimberley Lovell
Tuesday, Feb 6
Molly Gordon
Monday, Feb 11

Harriet Tubman Wright Kimberley Lovell molly_embrace_400x368
Eliana Gilad
Monday, Feb 25
Jeffrey Van Dyk
Monday, Feb 4
James Keeley
Wednesday, Feb 27
Eliana 2012 Head Shot Jeffrey Van Dyk Headshot Small 313x400

James Keeley

Kamala Murphey
Wednesday, Feb 7


“These big-hearted speakers have inspired me beyond measure! They have opened
my heart and helped me to see myself as worthy, as someone being used
for a Divine Purpose. I can’t wait till you hear them!” ~ kamala


In this FREE 4-week virtual Speaker Series, you’ll hear our Expert’s stories – sharing the experience, resources, and hope that will help prepare you for your own Uprising…
These successful Heart-centered Experts bring their full selves to the table, sharing all the details of how they came to honor their gifts, decide on their divine-right message and stepped into being the Heart-Centered Leaders they were called to be.

These folks have used their Inner Guidance to Identify their True Purpose, Commit to their Gifts and be willing to stand in their Heart-Centered Truths to be seen, heard, and recognized as Gentle Souls with Big Callings. And now you can, too!

They’re here to confirm that gentleness does NOT equal weakness, but rather a deep, abiding strength. They’ll also provide you with life changing tools so you can
 clarify and confidently live your purpose and create a joyful, authentic, and prosperous life and business.

Sometimes we need to raise a ruckus to get our point across. As gentle women, we’ve stood silent for too long, not wanting to make waves. In our silence, we are mistaken for weak and ineffectual. It’s time to dispel that myth!We are preparing to raise a little ruckus, to demonstrate our ability to be strong – and even fierce – when it’s called for – like NOW!

Here’s a sampling of what our Experts will be sharing with you during this Series:

  • Real-Life stories of how these successful heart-centered entrepreneurs used their connection to the Divine to discover and clarify their Life Calling…and what it really took for them to commit to and manifest their visions… even when they had so many ideas they didn’t know where to start!
  • How giving up ‘playing nice’ enables you to share your gifts with more passion, strength, and power.
  • How to trust your inner wisdom and guidance to gather the resources you need for YOUR calling.
  • How to move forward, despite your fear, especially when you don’t know where your next steps will take you.
  • What to do when you feel like you are evolving spiritually, yet you still struggle with creating money in your business.
  • How we can own our gifts and share them with confidence and joy.
  • These experts will share how THEY did it and being in their vibration of clarity is what brought thousands of women to clarity around the globe.
  • AND our fabulous healers and intuitives will rouse our spirits to answer our callings with a resounding “YES!”

In these interviews you are going to be hearing the honest, behind-the-scenes truth regarding how these Heart-centered entrepreneurs make decisions, how they use their inner guidance and connection with source energy to commit to their ideas and turn their visions into reality.

In this world, so full of fear and divisiveness, your gifts of Gentleness, Kindness, and Compassion can bring healing to the planet – IF you’re willing to share them!

There are many messages out there, many workshops, classes and methods to help us get “there.” But gentle souls are a different breed – and without a strong guidance system to help you navigate through the never-ending onslaught of information…

You could spend your life studying how to get where you want to go instead of actually going there.

This series will help you get on your way to taking your rightful place at the table and sharing your gifts so you can be passionate and playful and paid well for sharing your beautiful gifts with the world.


*All calls will be at 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern. If you can’t make the call live, don’t worry! You’ll receive access to the recording!

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