Here’s a  great opportunity to hear from an absolutely terrific group of speakers that were featured at a recent “Gentle Women’s Uprising” telesummit.  These recordings are sure to help you on your journey to be powerful, playful, passionate, and paid well.

In the Gentle Women’s Uprising Speaker Series, we brought together 12 heart-centered speakers to honor the gift of gentleness.  The assumption that gentleness equals weakness was blown apart – as these speakers  share their stories – the challenges & triumphs -  on the way to being powerful, playful, and paid well – yet still gentle! A list and photo of each speaker is shown below.

They generously share some of their favorite tips and tools for navigating the obstacles that are bound to come up on our transformational journeys!

We’ve given you a couple of options – you can choose to purchase all of the recordings (including the Bonus Gentling call) or choose your favorite three recordings – or introduce your favorites to a friend!


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The Complete Telesummit series for only $47.00




or 3 Recordings of your choice for just $15.00
(Just let us know which 3 you’d like when you order – all the speakers are listed below)









Jeffrey Van Dyk Headshot Small 313x318

Jeffrey Van Dyk

February 4, 2013

“Accessing Your Power”
Jeffrey’s meditation is at



Kimberley Lovell


Kimberly Lovell

February 6, 2013

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Kamala Murphey

Kamala – No More Nice Girl
Kamala – The Need for Gentleness

February 5, 2013

Special offer: Gentle Game Changing Session





Molly Gordon

February 11, 2013



Sharon Desjarlais

Sharon Desjarlais

February 12, 2013

Special offer:



Amethyst Wyldfyre

Amethyst Wyldfyre

February 13, 2013

Special offer:
Code: 200OFF



lisa bloom
Lisa Bloom

February 18, 2013

Special Offer: Free E-Book and Discovery Session



Harriet Tubman Wright
Harriet Tubman Wright

February 19, 2013

Special Offer: Transform Your Relationship with Money



Mark Silver
Mark Silver

February 20, 2013




Eliana 2012 Head Shot

Eliana Gilad

February 25, 2013



Nora Clemens

Nora Clemons

February 25, 2013

Special Offer: Mini Nutrition Makeover



Kendra Thornbury

Kendra Thornbury

February 26, 2013

Special Offer:



James Keeley

James Keeley

February 27, 2013





Kamala Murphey

Commencement Call:  The Gentling